Currency management

Currency management allows you to switch from one currency to another, converting all the points with their historical rate issued by the European Central Bank.

<aside> 💡 It means that the data point of the 22nd of November 2015 will be converted at EUR/USD exchange rate of the 22nd of November 2015, not at a fixed exchange rate over the last 5 years.


N.B.: This conversion is available for more than 32 currencies.

Also, you can use the field in front of the currency to select the prefix of your currency. For example: you can choose to display your price in euros (i.e. / €1), or in cents (e.g. €0.50).



Unit management

Many of our quotations are quoted in € or $ per tonne. However, for some commodities, indicators may be expressed in another unit.

You can select the unit in which you want the price to be displayed. The indicators are expressed in 6 basic unit types:

  1. Weight unit (kg, tonnes, etc.)
  2. Volume Unit (liter, barrel, etc.)
  3. Time Unit (hour, month,, etc.)
  4. Energy Unit (kWh, BTU, etc.)
  5. Count Unit (sheet, piece, etc.)
  6. Surface Unit (square meter)

<aside> ❗ In general, it is not possible to switch from one type of unit to another. However, for some series, since the conversion rate to density is known, it is possible to change units.


<aside> 💡 It is possible to use volumes in mass cost models using the density converter. So a cost model for a drink consisting of juice (in litres), fruit and sugar (in kgs) is possible. Alternatively, you can create an index model to mix the units.


Data visualization management

On CommoPrices, you will find numerous dataseries, which can be updated at different frequencies: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

It is then possible to view an indicator on weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual averages, using the "Frequency" wheel at the top of the page.