We provide you with more than 12,900 raw material price dataseries, often with many different origins, incoterms, or qualities for each raw material.

What is a dataseries?

A dataseries represents the tracking of all points (prices or rates) published by a source for an index, with a particular origin and/or format and/or incoterm at a given date. Thus, for the same raw material, several data series are available. For example, for PET, it is possible to track PET delivered in France and PET delivered in Germany among 9 data series in total. You can subscribe online for a minimum of 5 series.

Searching for your raw materials :

Are you looking for a specific raw material on CommoPrices? You can:

  1. Type your material or a few key words in the search bar on the left of your screen (such as the name of a source, an origin or a market): a drop-down list will suggest the most relevant indexes, and will allow you to display all the search results (by clicking on "see all results").

  2. Go through the tree structure on the left of your screen: you just have to go through it and scroll down the different elements. It follows this very simple scheme Family > Sub Family > Core Name > Grade/Origin of the raw material.

We often integrate new data, you can follow the progress of our integrations here.

You can't find a commodity you are looking for?

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Search again! With synonyms if necessary. You may be using an industry name.

Step 2: Use the search bar (feel free to test the English term)

Step 3: Use the Family > Subfamily > Core tree structure

Step 4: Contact us at [email protected]