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By simply registering on CommoPrices, you will have access to our Free Plan: you will be able to browse the platform and consult +60 World Bank data series.

Then you can find our different packages on the page Our Offers.

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To benefit from an adapted offer, you can contact us at [email protected] to organize together a presentation demo. We can review your needs together and explain the differences between the Plans.

Otherwise, you can also

Subscribe online

You can take out online only a subscription to a Mono Plan:

  1. Click on "Subscribe Now
  2. Fill in your billing information and payment method (credit card or bank transfer)
  3. Choose your data series

⁉️ Mono Plans

Our MONO Plans allow you to track only 1, 5, 10 data series of commodities with the "Premium Data" and "Advanced Features" options.

Series: a data series is a specific index. For example, for aluminum we have 30 different series which are distinguished by the way the material is packaged/processed (e.g. alloy, purity...), the type of index (seller, buyer, 3 months, premium...) and the market concerned.


You can see in the raw materials tree that the number of series changes according to the material: for Copper we have 24 series, for Bronze 3 ...

If you opt for a Mono Plan 5 series, for example, you can choose to follow 2 series of aluminum, 1 series of steel, 1 series of plastic and 1 series of cardboard.